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Keeping Our Children Healthy

State requirements do not allow a child at the Academy who has any of the following symptoms:  fever, diarrhea, vomiting, yellow secretions from the eyes or nose, or an uncontrollable cough.  Children requiring antibiotics should be on them for at least 24 hours prior to class.  The Son Shine Academy staff does not administer medication on a regular basis since the children are at the academy for only 3-3/12 hours.  Emergency medications (allergy, asthma, diabetic) will be handled on a per child basis.  Parental and physician consent forms will need to be completed.  Children enrolled in our programs must be toilet trained.  Please notify Son Shine Academy if your child will not be attending classes on any specific day (illness with symptoms listed above, prior arrangements, vacation, etc.)

Safe Arrival and Dismissal

Please do not drop off your child at the Academy any earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of class.  Please be prompt in picking up your child.  A late fee of $5 per 30 minutes will be charged for each late pickup.

Please enter the west drive and form a line beginning at the north entrance and continuing into the parking lot; for everyone's safety, please keep the line of cars off the street.  A teacher will assist each child out of the car and into the Academy.  Please do not drop off your child if a teacher is not present.  Cars should form a line in the same manner at dismissal time.

If anyone other than a parent is picking up your child, please notify the teacher in writing (prior to the time the child is to be picked up.)


State regulations require that all snacks given to the children be nutritionally balanced.  Each child will have an opportunity to bring snacks from home.  A list of acceptable snacks will be sent home with your child.

Parental Participation

Parents shall have unlimited access to their children and are encouraged to visit Son Shine Academy at any time.  If you would like to volunteer to assist the class in any way, please contact the director.


All discipline will be handled with Christian love and understanding.  We verbally reward acceptable behavior, and we redirect unacceptable behavior in various ways.  If an incident occurs between children, we will find a quiet place, talk over the problem, resolve their differences, and then encourage the children to say, "I'm sorry." and "I forgive you."  Physical discipline will not be used.

Son Shine Academy reserves the right to dismiss a child if irresolvable problems arise.  If problems do arise, a problem-solving meeting will first be held between parent and teacher.  If the problem is still unresolved after this meeting, the Son Shine Academy committee members will hold a conference with the parent and teacher.  Please be assured that all alternatives will be explored prior to dismissal.


Please keep an extra set of clothing in your child’s bag at the beginning of the year.  It is highly recommended that girls who wear dresses to school also wear a pair of shorts underneath.  Flip flops and sandals should have a strap that goes around the back of the foot.  Tennis shoes are best.  Remember, the children will be running and playing on the playground everyday; weather permitting.

Field Trips

Occasionally, we will be taking short field trips which will include using transportation.  A parental consent form will need to be completed to allow your child to participate; this form is included in your enrollment packet and is in effect for all field trips throughout the year.  Details will be sent home with your child (in the newsletter/reminder notes) regarding upcoming field trips.  All transportation volunteers must sign a form stating they have a good driving record, insurance coverage, and that they will follow all rules set by the preschool when going on a field trip.  If you choose not to send your child on a specific field trip, your child must be kept home the day of the field trip since no one will be left at the preschool facility to watch your child.